Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Croc sighted in Cairns River

A large Crocodile, estimated at around 12 feet in length has been sighted in the Barron River, downstream from Lake Placid.  Experts have said the big animal is unlikely to enter the Lake, a popular swimming area, but Crocodiles have been sighted in the river and lake in the past (see below).  Care is recommended when swimming in the lake.  The Barron river is generally unsafe for swimming at any time, but many Cairns pets do swim in the river... doesn't sound like a good idea at the moment!
Read below for another recent sighting report in the Cairns Post.

Sunbaking crocs 'pose no threat'

Monday, August 17, 2009

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A GROUP of crocodiles seen  
enjoying the winter sun more than 6km up the Barron River at Caravonica are no cause for alarm, a leading expert says.

The crocs, one estimated at more than 2m long, had been seen every morning in the past week lounging on the banks of the river about 2km downstream from the popular Lake Placid recreation area.

Pictures: Cairns crocodiles

Paul Harris, from the Johnstone River Crocodile Park, said it was not unusual to see the crocs that far up the river,
saying they were "crocodiles being crocodiles".

"That is pretty normal," he said.

"If it wasn't fast-flowing water, then I wouldn't be surprised to see them that far up the river."

Have you caught a croc on camera? Add your picture to our croc picture gallery.

He said the regular sightings of the crocodiles were common because of the weather and he said it was unlikely they would pose any threat to humans.

"They have got to heat up because it is winter coming into spring," he said.

"So they will take any chance they can to get up on the banks and soak up some sun.

"They don't particularly like us, they are quite scared of us.

"A croc that size wouldn't be looking at us as a food source so it would be quite timid."

Crocodiles have been known to occupy Lake Placid with a 1m crocodile confirmed in the area in 2005.

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